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Jaime Esteban Gibbons was born in Guatemala City, Central America. He also attended schools in Arizona, California and Illinois. He obtained a Bachelor's degree and teaching credential. During his tenure as an educator, Mr. Gibbons wrote and illustrated several books and accompanying teachers' guides on the history, language, and culture of the Mayas, Aztecs, and other Native Americans.


Jaime then earned a Master’s Degree in Administration from the University of Arizona. Mr. Gibbons entered the Real Estate profession in 1980. He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and was previously a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser as well as a Mortgage Broker. He has been approved by the Courts to testify as an expert witness regarding Real Estate matters. In 1992, Gibbons incorporated his own real estate company, JG Appraisals, Brokerage & Consultants, Ltd. which has become ABCD Realty.


Gibbons has been a member in a variety of professional organizations including Tucson Association of Realtors? the National Association of Realtors? Southern Arizona CCIM Chapter, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities and the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade.


Mr. Gibbons was named by the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors to the Greater Tucson Economic Council (GTEC) now called TREO.?Jaime sat on the Community Advisory Board for Norwest Bank now Wells Fargo, and the Board of Directors for Amos Anderson, a Guatemalan company with an American subsidiary. He is a past Member of the Arizona Mexico Commission and Past President/Chairman of the Board of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC). He was confirmed by the Arizona State Senate and served as Commissioner for the Commerce and Economic Development Commission for the State.


Jaime was elected Vice-Chair of the Downtown Land Use and Circulation Study (DLUCS) which is now the Barraza Aviation Parkway Citizens Advisory Committee. He was previously appointed to the Tucson - Pima County Historical Commission. Jaime was also a member of Citizens Oversight Committee for the Proposed 1999-2003 Basic City Services, Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Local Government and Development Services, Tucson Airport Authority, Pima Association of Governments-Transportation Enhancement Committee, The University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni, The University of Arizona Business Advisory Committee, Pima County Property Tax Committee and the Tucson Unified School District 4R Board, among many others.





1992-2009                     ABCD Realty

                                  ?President, Consultant and Designated Broker

1992-2000                     Appraiser and Property Tax Agent

1986-2000                     Expert Witness in Right of Way, Eminent Domain Cases

1983-2009                     Real Estate Broker

1980-1983                     Real Estate Agent

1980-2000                     Appraiser for Owners and Investors

1976-1979                     Teacher - TUSD Drachman School

1977-1979                     Lead Teacher - Summer School Reading Program



1967-1971                     University of Arizona, Bachelor of Arts

1972-1973                     University of Arizona, Teaching Credential

1973-1975                     Cal State Hayward, Postgraduate Coursework

1976-1978                     University of Arizona, Master of Arts

1979                             Real Estate Agent Licensing Course

1980-1993                     Realtors?National Market Institute, CCIM

1981-1982                     University of Arizona, towards Doctorate

1983                             Real Estate Broker Licensing Course

1984-1999                     Brokerage Continuing Education Coursework

1986-1987                     Drachman Institute, the Development Process

1985-2009                     Broker License Continuing Education Renewal Courses

1988-1990                     Licensing Courses for State General Appraiser Certification

1988-2000                     Appraisal Continuing Education Coursework

1980-2009                     Continuing Readings on Appraisal Process

1980-2009                     Continuing Readings in Agency and Brokerage


Areas of Study:            ?Administration:     Masters Degree Coursework

                                  ?Appraisal:           ?Income, Cost, and Market Data Approaches;

Standards, Theory, Practices and Principles

Architecture:       ?Fundamentals, History and Determinants

Computers:          Management Information Systems, Database Structures,

Advanced Spreadsheet Development and Case Studies

Education:          ?Methods Courses for Credential

Engineering:       ?Physics, Chemistry and Statics

Mathematics:     ?Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry and Statistics

Psychology:       ?Human Behavior, Motivation and Case Studies

Urban Planning:  ?Theory, the Development Process and Case Studies

Analysis: Investment, Taxation, Marketing and Location

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1985-1988                     Panorama Estates Association - President and Board Member

1985-1998                     Downtown Arts & Retail Alliance - Member (Formerly Downtown Business


1985-1993                     Triangle Y Camp - YMCA - Board Member

1989-2001                     Downtown Land Use and Circulation/Barraza Aviation Parkway - Citizens Advisory Committee - Vice Chair - (Mayor & Council appointment)

1992-2009                     Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - President 1994 - 96

1993-1994                     Tucson Pima County Historical Commission - Commissioner

1993-1999                     Arizona México Commission - Sustaining Member

1993-1998                     National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade - Member

1994-1998                     Norwest Bank Community Advisory Board Member

1994-1997                     Greater Tucson Economic Council (GTEC) - Board Member (Chairman of the Board of Supervisors appointment)

1995-1998                     State of Arizona Commerce and Economic Development Commission- Commissioner, (Governor appointment, Senate Oversight)

1995-2000                     The University of Arizona Business Advisory Committee Board Member

1995-1999                     The University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni Board of Directors Member

1996-1997                     Governor’s Council on Workforce Development - Member

1996-2009                     Tucson Airport Authority - Council Member

1996-1998                     Pima County Property Tax Committee - Member, (Supervisor appointment)

1996-2000                     Fourth “R?Partners in Education - Member, (Superintendent appointment)

1996-1998                     Pima County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee - Representative

for the City of Tucson, (Council appointment)

1996-2000                     Arizona Theatre Company Board of Directors - Trustee

1997-1998                     Pima County Trial Court Nominating Committee - Member, (Supervisor appointment)

1997-2000                     Pima Association of Governments - Transportation Enhancement Committee-Member,

1997-2000                     Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Local and State Governments Committees - Member, Development Services Task Force - Chair

1998-2000                     Urban Design Advisory Committee - Member

1998-1999                     Citizens Oversight Committee for the Proposed 2000 - 2003 Basic City Services Action Plan - Member (Council appointment)

1999-2000                     Tucson Downtown Alliance - Board Member



1973-1975                     State of California Teacher Credential

1975-1979                     State of Arizona Teacher Credential

1980-1983                     State of Arizona Real Estate Agent

1983-2009                     State of Arizona Real Estate Broker

1991-2000                     Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #304000

1992-2000                     Certified Appraiser, Senior Designation (CA-S)

1992-2000                     State Accredited Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute

1992-2000                     State of Arizona Property Tax Agent

1992-2000                     Approved Panelist GSA Public Buildings Service Register

1993-2009                     Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)

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